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USAT Certified Coach

Martha Grinnell Dynamic TrainingMartha has been coaching and consulting since 1992 and works with ALL fitness levels.

She creates personal training plans for a wide range of goals which include: crossing the finish line of your first triathlon, racing at the elite level or getting on the track to greater level of personal health and fitness.

She has coached many individuals to personal bests in running events and triathlons of all distances.

She's coached two winning RAAM Teams and has helped several regain their passion for fitness as part of a weight loss process.

She holds a BS in Health and Fitness from Springfield College and a MS in Exercise and Sport Studies from Smith College. She also holds certifications from USAT as a triathlon coach and ACSM as a personal trainer.

Martha was an All-American runner at Springfield College, four time member of the US Pro Triathlon World Championship Team (1992-1996), placed 7th overall for the women in the 1997 Hawaii Ironman (10:04), and qualified for the first Olympic Triathlon Trials in 2000.

She's participated in USA Cycling Federation Developmental (skills) and Elite Cycling Camps in Lake Placid and Colorado Springs. Martha still dabbles in a few races, but is primarily focused on lifetime fitness activities and a lot of “playing!”